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Step by step (for those who don't like video)

On the templates page you will find all your active templates, and you can create a new one as well. The information on this page includes:

  • The type of interview. This can be an automated interview, live interview, or video pitch.
  • The reach. A template can be open to everybody via URL, or closed so that candidates can only attend when they are invited
  • Invitations and interviews. These columns show how many candidates have been invited – but not yet finished their interview, and how many candidates have finished their interview.

Upon clicking ,you will be able to fill in all the details of the vacancy. Start by adding a title, the type of the interview and the scope.

Additional information to be added on the details page, is:

  • Recruiter, here you can select the template owner
  • You can choose the preferred language for the template
  • In case you have multiple brandings available, these can be added here
  • Select the preferred disclaimer for the template
  • Additional background info that is available can be chosen
  • The info URL can be used to create a reference to an external web page with extra information.
  • Adding a Redirect URL will allow you to redirect a candidate to an external website when they finish their interview, such as a survey or a page outlining the next steps of the recruitment process.
  • From allows you to change the email address candidates will see as the sender of the emails.

On the settings page, you are able to change the following settings for the template:

  • You can select the number of recordings that a candidate is allowed to take before sending in their answer. The answer that is recorded last is the one that is saved. Selecting the auto start option allows for only 1 recording, and the candidate won’t have time to think before starting the recording.
  • You can change the answering time per question
  • The invitation expires after a set amount of days, that can be selected here
  • If the candidate hasn’t taken the interview yet, you can select how long before the expiration date you would like to send an automatic reminder
  • The data retention can be set to indicate how long the recordings should be kept
  • Checking the private check box will disable other recruiters from seeing the template and recordings.
  • (Optional) You may allow candidates to answer the questions by text.
  • (Optional) Prohibit playback. This feature prohibits candidates from watching their own answers.

The communications tab can be used to add extra information. The first field allows for additional explanations in the invitation email, and the second field can be used for explaining the next steps of the process once the candidate has finished the interview.

In the reviews instructions tab you can leave instructions for reviewers, that will later assess a candidate.

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