What’s the difference between using Skype and using a specialised video recruitment platform?

An increasing number of organisations is looking to implement video into their hiring process, and so the question about which platform should be used arises. Should you use a generic platform (like Skype, Google Hangouts or Facetime) or choose a dedicated video recruitment platform? For many, just booting up Skype is often an ‘easy’ way to start. Like any professional video recruitment platform, Skype allows for easy online communication and interaction via video. At the same time, the online communication tool also comes with some important limitations when compared to dedicated video recruitment platforms. Here are the most important differences between using Skype and using a video recruitment platform that should be taken into account when choosing your video interviewing technology.

Only live interviews
With Skype, you can only have live online communication with a candidate. This type of interview is not always the right fit for every hiring situation. No candidate or vacancy is alike. Professional video recruitment platforms offer not only live, but also other video interview types (like automated and video pitch interviews) that allow you to create tailored processes for any time zone, level of seniority and interview stage. 

No recording
Without the installation of third-party plugins, Skype doesn’t allow you to record your interviews. This makes it hard to evaluate and compare candidate interviews afterwards. With a video recruitment platform, all interviews are stored online, allowing you to easily watch, review, and share candidate recordings with other to efficiently select the best talent

No integration
Skype isn’t designed as a recruitment tool which means the software isn’t able to communicate with your other HR systems. Video recruitment platforms integrate with other systems (like your applicant tracking system), making all data available in one place instead of having to enter data in multiple times.

No employer branding
Dedicated platforms offer strong employer branding tools to provide your candidates with a customised interview environment. Skype doesn’t offer any employer branding or personalisation functionalities, making it unsuitable for employers wanting to provide a consistent, on-brand video interviewing experience.

No data privacy process
Skype does not offer built-in functionality to deal with Data Privacy laws such as EU-GDPR when being used in recruitment. A dedicated video recruitment platform is built-for-purpose and observes the highest technical and organisational standards, allowing you to meet candidates all over the world with their explicit consent in a safe and secure environment.