WEBINAR | RPO & Expert Retail Recruitment at T-Mobile
Language: English | Duration: 45 minutes

How did RPO and Video Recruitment increase retail hires at T-Mobile?

EN-HR solutions, an expert in recruitment marketing and RPO (recruitment process outsourcing) partnered up with Cammio to improve and increase the retail hires at T-Mobile. Pumped up after a great campaign, let’s take a step back and have a look together at what led us to our top hires.

In this recording of a live webinar broadcasted on September 2018, we share strategies based on our successful hiring campaign for T-Mobile Netherlands

Together with Kevin SebelCommercial Manager at EN-HR Solutions, we discuss:

|   Recruitment Process Outsourcing;
|   The Value of Recruitment Marketing;
|   Case study of T-Mobile hiring strategy ;
  Videos Interviewing & efficiency in Retail;

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