Language: English | Duration: 45 minutes

How did Adecco reduce its time-to-hire by Two Weeks?

Candidate videos are a powerful tool but only a good video recruitment strategy can help you make the most of it. The Adecco Group does not only deploy video interviews for their clients in Belgium but also to recruit their own consultants. With insights from within, let’s analyse Adecco's recruitment strategy and see how the group has successfully shortened their time-to-hire with Cammio.

Recorded on July 2018, we covered practical insights on the organisation's hiring vision and answered questions live. As the challenges of growth pile up, need for efficiency becomes crucial.

Together with Eveline de Munck, Manager Talent Acquisition at The Adecco Group, we've discussed:

|   The meaning of High-Efficiency in recruitment
|   Challenges of growth, slow hiring & candidate shortages;
|   Adecco Group's innovative selection process;
|   Artificial Intelligence & Videos in the EU-GDPR era.

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